Dev Diary: 11/18/2016 Update

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Dev Diary: 11/18/2016 Update

Postby Kick9 Christian » Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:11 am

A new Legend has found her way into the Arena! Take a look at the notes below for all the new content in MOBA Legends!

New Legend

Kira the Blade Dancer



A stunning swordswoman, her beauty serves as a great distraction to her enemies. Don't let her good looks fool you, she is a deadly as any Legend in the arena.


Physical ★★★★☆
Magic ★★★☆☆
Survival ★★★★☆
Support ★★★☆☆
Control ★★★☆☆

Arena Skills


Basic Default Equipment Loadout (Tier 3)


Play Style

Kira is a melee Legend with high mobility and heavy combo-focused combat style, who can deal impressive physical damage and be excellent at ganking.

Vault Strike: a 3-part combo that causes her to vault forward and deals damage to all nearby enemies upon impact. On the 3rd vault, she knocks nearby enemies up into the air. It’s her main damage dealing skill which can be combined with other skills to create even more destructive combos, and also can serve as a fast way of getting in and out of the battle zone.

Imbued Blade: an extra damage buff on normal attack after using a skill. A perfect combo with Vault Strike, since it produces three charges, which is the exactly the number that it can store. Normal Attack in between each vault to deal the most sustained damage.

Shield Dash: dashes forward and gains a shield, stuns all enemy Legends along your path. Combined with Vault Strike, you can either create a very long gap between you and whoever is after you, or catch up easily with fleeing enemy legends. You can also use Shield Dash to reposition yourself in between Vault Strikes while absorbing counter-harass.

Hyper Cutter: buffs her PATK and range and allows her to deal ranged aoe damage upon reactivation. The buff lasts for 15 seconds so use it at the start of a fight rather than the end of it. Upon activation, instantly unleash you Vault Strike + normal attack combo to deal destructive damage upon your enemies.

Kira lacks healing or strong defense so she must always utilize Vault Strike and Shield Dash to survive in the Arena. With the support of her ally Legends’ crowd control, she can easily wipe out an entire team.

How to Obtain

Kira can be obtained from Super Summons.

New Skin

Pixel Rocker Page can be obtained from the Pixel Rocker Pack in the Shop.



■ Fixed insufficient Crystals warning when using Name Change Card
■ Fixed cashing entering Adventure stages with Epic Gore
■ Fixed Hammer Packs description
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