Java Facebook Feed

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Java Facebook Feed

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Java Facebook Feed

You can search for Posts, Users, via****() methods. Getting Device Access Token. ResponseList page1 = facebook.getQuestionOptions(questionId); // Getting Next page Paging paging1 = page1.getPaging(); ResponseList page2 = facebook.fetchNext(paging1); // Getting Previous page Paging paging2 = page2.getPaging(); page1 = facebook.fetchPrevious(paging2);. // Search by name ResponseList results = facebook.searchPlaces("coffee"); // You can narrow your search to a specific location and distance GeoLocation center = new GeoLocation(37.76, -122.427); int distance = 1000; ResponseList searchPlaces("coffee", center, distance); . Perhaps searching can help. Search for Groups. Code Examples. .. limit/offset. // Getting 1st-10th results ResponseList results = facebook.searchPosts("watermelon", new Reading().limit(10)); // Getting 11th-20th results ResponseList results = facebook.searchPosts("watermelon", new Reading().limit(10).offset(10)); . // Getting user's email address only User user = facebook1.getUser(id1.getId(), new Reading().fields("email")); . You can like a Post, Photo, via****() methods. Publising a comment. Facebook.postLink() method is simple way to post. // To search for objects near a geographical location GeoLocation center = new GeoLocation(37.76, -122.427); int distance = 1000; ResponseList searchLocations(center, distance); // To search for objects at a particular place String placeId = "166793820034304"; ResponseList locations = facebookBestFriend1.searchLocations(placeId); . facebook.setOAuthAppId(appId, appSecret); facebook.setOAuthPermissions(commaSeparetedPermissions); facebook.setOAuthAccessToken(new AccessToken(accessToken, null)); . You can set various reading options to the method that Reading object includes in arguments. You can get App Access Token via Facebook.getOAuthAppAccessToken() method. Reading options. Search for Locations. You can choose the fields you want returned via Reading.fields(fieldName1,fieldName2,) . You can execute the API endpoint that you want to run via**() method. Getting Page Access Token. See Configuration Facebook4J - A Java library for the Facebook Graph API for the detail. facebook.postStatusMessage("Hello World from Facebook4J."); . Getting User Access Token. Getting App Access Token. With Facebook Login for Devices people can easily and safely log into your apps and services with their Facebook account on devices with limited input or display capabilities. Selecting specific fields. ResponseList results = facebook.searchPosts("watermelon"); . You can get Page Access Token as below:. // you or your friend's latest checkins, or checkins where you or your friends have been tagged ResponseList results = facebook.searchCheckins(); 5a02188284
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