Dev Diary: 1.3 Update

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Dev Diary: 1.3 Update

Postby Kick9 Christian » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:33 am

Time to unveil MOBA Legends 1.3 update details! Version 1.3 brings 5v5 Arena Match, brand new features and quite a few balancing changes. Check out the details below and tell us what you think of the 1.3 update.

Main Page Overhaul
■ The main page has received a major overhaul. We adjusted the layout and entry points of different functions. A quick match button has been added to help you jump into the action much faster. Newly added Dailies and Main Quests give you a quick navigation through your daily missions and progress, also allowing you to easily claim your Arena Medal rewards.

■ Added Loadout function which allows you to configure default equipment builds for each individual Legend. Master Loadout shows you the loadouts of top ranking elite players.

■ Guide has been added to the bottom left corner of the main page, offering tips, tricks and rewards every time you level up your Veterancy level.

Ranked Match Overhaul
■ A new Rank & Star combined system. Gain a star for a Ranked Match victory, lose a star for a Ranked Match loss. Complete a Ranked match to get points, you can also gain a star by reaching certain amount of points. You will lose all your point as soon as you’re flagged as AFK.
■ We’ve extended the Ranked Match season to 2 months. All participants will be handsomely rewarded according to their rankings at the end of each season.
■ Added a Ranked Store where you can exchange Honor earned by playing Ranked Matches for powerful Legends and cool skins. Honor can be obtained from ranking rewards chests or by simply playing Ranked Matches.
■ Play every day at 20:00 – 22:00 to get double Honor
■ Players ranked at Diamond 3 or above can ban Legends before a match. One player can ban one Legend from the opponent team.
■ Removed three-player team queue, single queue and double queue are the only options.
■ Adjusted the number of Legends one should own to enter Ranked Match from 5 to 6, other conditions remain the same.

5v5 Arena
■ 5v5 Arena beta test begins, open every night at 18:00 – 21:00

Legend Balancing
■ Increased all Legends’ ATK SPD cap from 500% to 600%, increased ranged Legend’s normal attack projectile dodge distance from attackers’ attack range + 500 to +700
■ Decreased all Legends’ view distance from 1200 to 1000

■ Fixed an issue where his ultimate can’t recover HP

■ Increased damage multiplier of Icy Reaper from 30/50/70/90 (%) to 50/60/70/90 (%)

■ Increased cast distance of Arrow Rain from 725/725/725 to 900/900/900
■ Increased damage of Charged Arrow from 40/75/110 to 40/80/115, adjusted duration of the MVT SPD debuff from 0.15/0.275/0.4 (s) to 0.4/0.4/0.4 (s)

■ Adjusted damage multiplier of Shadow Slash from 100 (%) to 70/80/90 (%), increased activation times from 2/3/4 to 3/4/5
■ Added additional effects to Shadow Sprint: increases the damage of Shadow Slash by 15%
■ Changed damage type of Shadow Burst from Physical to Magic, increased damage from 180/220/260/300 to 300/370/440/510, decreased the time before explosion from 3s to 2s

■ Increased the damage received to trigger Meat Shield from 235 to 245

■ Increased damage of Hyper Cutter upon reactivation from (140 + attack*100%) - (300 + attack*100%)/(220 + attack*100%) - (460 + attack*100%)/(300 + attack*100%) - (620 + attack*100%)/(380 + attack*100%) - (780 + attack*100%)
(190 + attack*100%) - (350 + attack*100%)/(270 + attack*100%) - (510 + attack*100%)/(350 + attack*100%) - (670 + attack*100%)/(430 + attack*100%) - (830 + attack*100%)

■ Fixed an issue where Blood Magic deals too much damage to Morden himself

■ Increase damage of Vorpal Blades from 95/185/275 to 105/195/300
■ Decreased cool down time of Kirin's Blessing from 6/4.5/3 (s) to 3/3/3 (s)

■ Optimized the summoned creature’s Ai to be more aggressive

■ Increase damage per second of Electric Boogie from 7/14/21 to 9/16/21

Map Adjustment
■ Adjusted gold rewards for kills and assists. Killing enemy Legends can provide more gold output for the whole team while the player who assisted the kill will be rewarded with more gold, which makes the distribution more rational. When your gold output is lower than your enemies, gold rewards for kills will be drastically increased.
■ Added early game protection for all buildings, increased their DEF, which will be removed 4 minutes after the battle begins
■ Increased all minions’ alert area from 500 to 600
■ Decreased gold rewards for killing melee minions from 128 to 102, increases by 20 every second to a cap of 170
■ Decreased gold rewards for killing ranged minions from 135 to 108, increases by 25 every second to a cap of 180
■ Decreased gold rewards for killing catapults from 188 to 150, increases by 55 every second to a cap of 250
■ Added a new mini boss – Bear King which can be killed for team gold and XP rewards
■ Added a new spawn point for creeps in the upper lane
■ Decreased default gold rewards for creep kills by 30%, increases every second, reach original value at 3 minutes, reach 130% of the original value at 6 minutes and stops increasing
■ Decreased the cool down time before the lightning buff and wind buff creeps respawn from 120s to 90s
■ Gold rewards for killing creeps and minions now increases every second and stops at 6 minutes

New Equipment
■ Hook Blade
+20 PATK +3 HP Regen +75% MP Regen
Melee attacks deal 20% splash damage
■ Razor Hook Blade
+70 PATK +6 HP Regen +150% MP Regen
Melee attacks deal 30% splash damage
■ Tri Hook Blade
+110 PATK +12 HP Regen +225% MP Regen
Melee attacks deal 45% splash damage
■ Flame Lamp
+120 HP +180 MP +12 ATK +75% MP Regen
Damage from skills gain 15% health leech against Legends or 3% from minions
■ Burning Lamp
+420 HP +510 MP +25 ATK +175% MP Regen
Damage from skills gain 25% health leech against Legends or 5% from minions
■ Inferno Lamp
+770 HP +830 MP +38 ATK +235% MP Regen
Damage from skills gain 30% health leech against Legends or 6% from minions

Perk Adjustment
■ Decreased duration time of Crimson Flame’s additional dot damage from 4s to 3s, the total amount of damage dealt remains the same

Other improvements
■ Added notice for Credit, punishment and report
■ Optimized AI behaviors
■ Improved Rune functions (Recommended Runes & Quick Craft)
■ Improved UI of avatar function
■ Added instant revival function in PVP
■ Fixed issues in Friend page
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