Dev Diary: 12/1/2016 Update

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Dev Diary: 12/1/2016 Update

Postby Kick9 Christian » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:37 am

We are happy to announce that a new update has just been released! Take a look at the notes below for all the information on this latest server update!

New Legend

Obin the Vindicator



A great warrior from the far eastern kingdoms. He relies on magic and intelligence instead of brute force and strength.


Physical ★★★☆☆
Magic ★★★☆☆
Survival ★★★☆☆
Support ★★★☆☆
Control ★★★★★

Arena Skills


Basic Default Equipment Loadout (Tier 3)


Play Style

Obin is a ranged Legend who can be played as a support, carry, or initiator. He can either deal tremendous damage with his auto-attacks while using his silence to prevent the enemy from easily retaliating, or focus on harassing the enemy with his skills and while reserving his ultimate for major team fights.

Royal Power: normal attacks deal extra direct damage which allows Obin to become a powerful auto-attack carry. Since normal attacks cost mana once activated, keep an eye on your mana to ensure that you have enough left for his silence when needed.

Royal Punishment: it’s a strong disable skill as it costs little mana and can prevent enemies from casting skills for a short duration and deal some damage. Try to cast Royal Punishment on enemies before they cast their skills when laning, which can prevent them from farming if they use skills to do it. The slow from Royal Punishment can also place the enemy in a disadvantageous position as they are unable to easily chase or escape without taking more damage.

Royal Gag: this passive synergizes extremely well with all the other skills. After silencing your enemies, Royal Punishment automatically activates. Benefiting from the ATK SPD boost from Royal Gag, Obin’s auto-attacks turn into a mini-nukes. Melt down enemy defense while repositioning yourself to avoid incoming enemy attacks or chasing down fleeing enemies with the extra MVT SPD boost.

Royal Dominance: a powerful initiating and counter-initiating skill, but remember, Obin on his own is not an initiator; if you try to initiate with Royal Dominance alone, the enemy team can simply disengage and wait out the silence. However, Royal Dominance can synergize extremely well with almost any initiator. When someone on your team initiates (or immediately before), activate this skill and the other team will be helpless as you collapse on them.

Obin is a powerful carry and support who has two silences and can do monstrous burst damage with auto-attacks. However, he can be easy to gank since he has no escape skills.

How to Obtain

Obin can be obtained from Super Summons.

New Skin

Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky is now available and can be obtained from Bride of Chucky Pack and Tiffany Pack.

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