Dev Diary: 11/25/2016 Update

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Dev Diary: 11/25/2016 Update

Postby Kick9 Christian » Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:36 am

The ultimate law enforcement officer has join the Arena! Take a look at the notes below for all the new content in MOBA Legends!

New Legend

RoboCop the Crime Fighter


Part man. Part machine. All cop. RoboCop has arrived in the arena to dispense his own brand of justice.


Physical ★★★★☆
Magic ★★★☆☆
Survival ★★★☆☆
Support ★★★☆☆
Control ★★★☆☆

Arena Skills


Basic Default Equipment Loadout (Tier 3)


Play Style

RoboCop is a ranged Legend who utilize his skills to gank, chase and hunt down his enemies.

Laser Cannon: fires up 3 lasers that track nearby enemy units around him. The wide range combined with the low cool down make it an excellent mean to farm minions and creeps, allow RoboCop to acquire gold and experience quickly.

Concussion Missile: Launches a long range missile which damages and stuns the first enemy it hits.
Further away the target is, longer the stun lasts. Be sure to predict your enemy’s intention when casting Concussion Missile at them. It will be easier to land when combined with a leading disable by an ally like Raven or Wei who can pin an enemy in place long enough for a long-ranged Concussion Missile to find it’s mark and stun the target further more.

Law Enforcer: Increases PATK of nearby ally Legends. Works very well with basic attack focused Legends especially Jaxson, who can further buff PATK by himself.

Swift Justice: an instant-cast re-positioning spell that causes RoboCop to jump forward in his facing direction, buffing all nearby allies in the originating area with increased movement and attack speed. A very strong skill for initiating a fight or escaping. After a long-ranged Concussion Missile, RoboCop can quickly jump in for the kill, put him within range for Laser Cannon and use his physical attacks to finish the target off. As RoboCop himself is also empowered by the movement and attack speed bonus, jumping to safety early on can boost his movement speed immediately and allow her to quickly speed away from enemy pursuers. The movement speed bonus also empowers nearby allies, allowing them to clear the area more quickly as well. Never discount the speed bonuses that Swift Justice gives nearby allies upon cast. Buffing teammates' attack and movement speed can give them an edge in battle, allowing them to more quickly position themselves to cast spells, chase down fleeing enemies, and use their physical attacks to great effect. When initiating a teamfight, it may be useful to cast Swift Justice to empower your team at the start of the engagement.

RoboCop is very well-rounded Legend who can fill many roles required by his team, but it will require a good aim to master him in the arena.

How to Obtain

RoboCop can be obtained from the RoboCop Pack in the Shop for a limited time.
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