Dev Diary: 11/11/2016 Update

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Dev Diary: 11/11/2016 Update

Postby Kick9 Christian » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:01 am

A new Legend has found her way into the Arena! Take a look at the notes below for all the new content in MOBA Legends!

New Legend

Esris the Valkyrie



A valkyrie goddess, Esris commands the power of the wind and skies. A noble and honorable warrior, she is a god among gods.


Physical ★★★★☆
Magic ★★★★☆
Survival ★★☆☆☆
Support ★★★☆☆
Control ★★★★☆

Arena Skills


Basic Default Equipment Loadout (Tier 3)


Play Style

A ranged Legend with excellent damage output and attack speed, a ganker and initiator.

Wind Blades: shoots out 3 wind blades which can deal great damage to multiple enemies within the area of effect. Wind Blades can damage enemies within a frontal oval area, so position yourself well, line up your targets preferably in a straight line to maximize your damage output. Also make sure your target is within the reach of the skill before casting, otherwise you might end up wasting your mana.

Lightning Rune: target-tracing skill, slows enemy enemies and deals damage. Considerable target-tracing distance, work well as a finisher or to slow down fleeing enemy Legends. When laning, be sure that enemy legend is within range in case you waste it on minions.

Static Charge: gain buff on normal attacks and MVT SPD when not using skill, you can stack up the buff pretty quickly and it makes Esris very effective at pushing lanes and gives her higher mobility than average when moving around the map.

Blade Storm: deals damage every second to enemies caught within the storm and slows their MVT SPD. Useful at setting up ganks or as a team fight initiator or even as an escape mechanism. Works very well with Mince’s Ultimate, round up enemy legends first then punish them with Blade Storm.

Overall, excellent physical damage output and abilities to slow enemies down, but low HP and PDEF stats are her weakness. Pair with tanks or healers to ensure Esris endures long enough to deliver killing blows on her enemies.

How to Obtain

Esris can be obtained from the Esris Pack in the Shop.

New Skin

Damsel Ember can be obtained from the Damsel Pack in the Shop.

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