Suggestions that will be ignored.

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Suggestions that will be ignored.

Postby Bone13797 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:18 pm

Lets be honest for a quick second.... the game is great but the bugs are killing it. You already lost a rising streamer (Pigginatti) and he has a bunch of people who would love to play with him... so thats potential sales lost right there. Recently the 500k was celebrated but the game has been out for some time now... that number should have been over 2million by now if it wasnt for the numerous bugs, crashes and lets not mention the in app purchases failing to process and stealing the money (which is punishable by law). Thats enough rant, lets get to the suggestions...

1. Fix the bobo dance.

whenever you try to enter the dungeon you get a message that says "quest is overdue". This should be focused asap since most players need this to level up their stuff and the only other way is to buy a key with crystals which dont come around that often unless you are willing to pay for them.

2. Change the daily log rewards.

Day 1 - 30k

Day 2 - Red Bobos

Day 3 - Blue Bobos

Day 4 - Yellow Bobos

Day 5 - Green Bobos

Day 6 - 400 Friend points

Day 7- 2 Keys

Day 8- 3 Crystals

This seems completely fair as daily rewards.

3. Add another x2 exp and half stamina dungeon daily.

One hard dungeon with x2 exp / half stamina for experienced players who want to grind a bit and one easy dungeon with x2 exp / half stamina for the new people.

4. More promotion codes and ways to get crystals.

something like... "watch an add video once every 6 hours and get a crystal". That is a very good way to keep the players happy by giving them some crystals and lets not forget adds bring in some money to you guys so its a win win.

5. Fix the bobo dance

I really mean it.... fix this asap or it will be the reason why more players leave since they cant level up their stuff.

6. Make a support player system.

For this to happen you need to add a game chat where players can talk and stuff. After that you one of the staff would have to constantly be monitoring the players in order to make a support player application thread on the forums and pick out any worthy applicant. The applicants who get selected to be support players wont have any GM (game master) powers or anything and wont even be payed for the position (although 5 crystals every once in a while wont be bad if the player deserves it), they are just there to help newbies and give them tips on what to do.

7. Add a game chat.

Like cmon why isnt this here? xD censoring aint hard at all.

8. More active staff

How many are there? 3? 4? and never check up on the game regularly? come on xD me as a GM on a high rate ragnarok online server find this hard to believe xD its like you want the game to die. I see alot of potential in this app and i mean ALOT but you gotta step it up and be active or it will die.

9. Make different types of events.

Forum events, facebook events, some other type of event.

Forums events like... PMQ meme event - funniest memes win. 1st place- 20 crystals, 2nd place - 5 crystals, 3rd place- 1 crystal.

Facebook event- Like and share the game on facebook and get 1 crystal and a chance to win 20 crystals. The raffle will be done at a certain date and the winner will be posted on the facebook page along with his in game character looks.

10. Fix the task thing.

Its making the game crash every single time i try to claim the 1 crystal for reviewing the game.

also this section can be used to claim event crystals or any other crystals that are given from special events or watching the add video,etc.

I will just post these for now but I got plenty more ideas on how to keep the game alive and make sure it grows up real good. Contact me if you need any other ideas.


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Re: Suggestions that will be ignored.

Postby Kick9-Paige » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:00 am


Would you please tell us about bobo dance issue on Facebook or CS? we tested it and it was ok.

Thanks so much for your efforts to our game and our developer saw it, some of your suggestions would be take into consideration. :D

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